Hide And Seek

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter.
Proverbs 25:2

There’s a reason God’s will in specific situations is so difficult to know sometimes. Why it can be so hard to know what God wants you to do.

Who to date.
Where to go to college.
Who to marry.
Where to move.
What job to take.

It’s not because you’re not praying. You’re probably praying a lot. It’s not because you don’t want to know His will. Many of you really do.

According to this verse, it’s because God conceals.

But why? After all, that seems counterintuitive to God’s purposes and using you in them.
The reason isn’t because God doesn’t want you to know His will. He wants you to know it more than you want to know it. It’s because God wants something more for you than that.


God’s not up in heaven hiding His will hoping you’ll never be able to find it. But he does play hide and seek. Not because He doesn’t want us to find His will but because He wants us to find Him. If He put it out in plain view, we would seek His will instead of seeking Him.

That’s why he conceals it. That’s why it’s so hard.

God’s not trying to make His will plain. His will isn’t the main objective. He is the main objective. He wants you to discover Him most of all.

God isn’t the shortcut to your best life. He is your best life.

God doesn’t want to give you the guide for your life. He wants to be your Guide.

The scariest possibility for your life isn’t getting God’s will wrong. It’s getting God’s will right but barely coming to know God in the process.
You could love the right woman but lose your first love.
You could find the right career but then make it your god.

That’s why He doesn’t just write His will for you in the clouds. At the end of the process He wants you to know something far greater than what you should do with your life or what you should do next.

He wants you to know who He is.

-Pastor Steven Furtick

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  1. "Draw me nearer, nearer to you Lord..." I almost threw everything in my sight! This is so true, sometimes it is a hard pill to swallow but it is what it is! We need to visit this pastor's church! -Elder